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Jan 23, 2013 9:00pm PST
>>> a ground breaking move by the u.s. military. why the pentagon is lifting the ban on women in combat. >>> plus -- >>> we were misled. there was supposedly protests. >> the fact is we had four dead americans. was it because of a protest or guys out for a welcome one night who decided they would go kill some americans. >> hillary clinton gets heated takes the fall. >> one of silicon valley's most profitable companies falls victim to the curse of high expectations. >>> and spencer is here with the weather. >> here in the accuweather center. the forecast center. wet weather blankets the bay >>> well, after a long string of dry days it is raining outside tonight. this is a live picture of the embarcadero in san francisco. the street sparkling with the raindrops. the rain may have contributed to this rollover accident in petaluma. thankfully no one was injured. let's get to spencer christian sw live doppler 7hd. spencer? >> a taste of what we expect mid to late january to look like. as you can see on live doppler 7hd we have mainly light rain blanketing most of the bay area but p
Jan 22, 2013 9:00pm PST
. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> top u.s. commander in afghanistan is off the hook in a sex scandal. pentagon cleared general john allen of professional misconduct in exchanging e-mails with woman linked to the scandal that led general petraeus to rae sign as cia director. >> you can't see in front of you. can't see the cars. >> what it out conditions lead to 3 major car pileups in just ohio. more than 150 vehicle all tangled up. 133 million americans are experiencing the big chill. few are spared including fish. weather editor sam champion explains. >> to even the most winter aware. this arctic chill is for real. >> something to do to stay warm here. >> i feel in cold. yes. >> very cold. >> from minnesota to florida. more than a dozen states have winter weather advisory. with major city in the midwest either near or below zero on tuesday. and that wind chill? 50 below zero in maine to 10 below in north carolina. from the midwest to the northeast. it's the coldest air in two years. for most of the country it's a sudden and drastic change. in cedar rapid, iowa balmy 51 degrees satur
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2